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Accessible sailing


In 1991, Mr. D. Simon Schwartz took up the post of president of Club Vela Blanes. One year later, during the year of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, the RFEV (Spanish Royal Sailing Federation) and the FCV (Catalan Sailing Federation) acknowledged and approved our sailing school. But it wasn't until 1998 that adapted sailing at our Club would start to be discussed.

Considering the main premise that in the sport of sailing, perhaps more than in any other sport, it is the satisfaction gained from the environment in which it is carried out that provides an exceptional stimulus for the individual. Working in an all-embracing way, helping and motivating involvement in nautical sports, has meant for all those unable to care for themselves, due to their physical disability, a real turning point, which in our case is based on conveying to everybody the love for the sea.


Aspronis was founded in 1968, resulting from an initiative of a group of parents who wanted to raise public awareness about the problems faced by people with mental developmental delay and collaborate in the recognition and exercise of the rights of this group; creating and promoting centres to provide assistance for these members of society and thus improve their quality of life. At present, two foundations (Fundació Aspronis and Fundación El Vilar) cater for around 500 users.

Finally, in the 2008/2009 season, Alberto, Marta, the ‘Jordis’, Ivan, Pablo, Joan and Romà (the real protagonists) realised their dreams; and ours too! Doing a sport that is within their reach and taking part in unique experiences (discovering a new environment like the Club, visiting the Barcelona Boat Show with Juanmi, etc.). The effort of excellent friends such as Xavier Oms, of Presidents such that of our club, Mr. Amadeu Nualart, from the Marina, Ester and of course, Juanmi and Pepelu, have all made this adventure a reality, which since then, has continued year after year, to the present day.