Sports area

Sailing school

Within the actual structure and organisation of the Club, the sports area forms part of the company’s organisation chart with its Sports Management and Sports Secretary. Both are responsible for the programming, calendars, coordination, ‘technification’, administration, organisation of competitions and processing of sports licences, among other aspects. At the same time the Escola de Vela, the Fleets and the Vela Escolar (Sailing School) are the three main areas of activity of all the sports staff (trainers, judges and trainee staff).

The Escola de Vela del Club Vela Blanes (Club Vela Blanes Sailing School) approved by the RFEV (Spanish Royal Sailing Federation) and the FCV (CATALAN SAILING FEDERATION) since 1992, now has a scope of activity that extends beyond its own region. Currently the school works with neighbouring regions: Maresme and El Gironès, and in the future it plans to reach all the regions in the province of Girona (respecting the identity of other Yacht Clubs and Sailing Schools along the Girona coast, in a spirit of collaboration with these) and Vallès Oriental and Occidental in the region of Barcelona.

The fact of being sharers of the brand ‘Turisme Esportiu’ for the third consecutive year, has enabled the consolidation of the Escola de Vela with the aim of reaching a large number of enthusiasts throughout the year (including accessible sailing). In this respect, the Escola de Vela views nautical sport within the educational system and as an additional feature of local tourism.

In this respect, it is essential to have the coordination of a whole series of technicians and professionals who look after these sports people, with special attention given to those with clear possibilities of achieving sporting milestones. These professionals are now working. The Club is currently working on training courses for these professionals in the sport of sailing so that they can enter the labour market once they have satisfied the academic and training requirements.

As regards the equipment and staff for meeting the needs of the total number of sailing enthusiasts we are talking about, the Escola de Vela now has the following:

  • 1 Technical Director/Head of Instructors (Technical Instructor) JUANMI AGUIRRE.
  • 1 Sports Secretary Administrative Head (JOSÉ LUÍS YUBERO).
  • 2 Technical Instructors (KIKU PRATS / ALEIX SUBIRÀ).
  • 2 Technical collaborators (CARLES GALLART / STEPHANE AZZONI).
  • 2 Trainee instructors.
  • 5 Pneumatic Launches (2 x 25 and 30 HP ZODIACs / 2 x 25 and 30 HP/VALLIANT 1 x 60 HP VSR)
  • 5 Collective boats (3 Raqueros and 2 leisure)
  • 13 Individual boats (5 Estels, 3 Open Bic, 3 Optimist, 2 "Panxitos")
  • 8 Double boats (2 x 420, 1 x 470, 1 x IRO and 4 x RS)
  • Regatta Committee boats (VILA BLANES/ MERÇÈ II)
  • Sets of the International Code of Flags and FCV (Catalan Sailing Federation) regatta judge’s case.
  • 1 Sailing School Office
  • 1 Multipurpose classroom with TV and DVD
  • Changing Rooms
  • 8 Sets of buoys (complete with grapnel anchor and anchoring) and 4 small buoys
  • 2 Radio stations and 7 walkie-talkies
  • 1 Storeroom for material, 2 closed hangars (Optimist) and enclosed space for grounding (Europas and Snipes) + Area windsurf boards.