Blue Flag

Blue Flag Principles

As the owner and user of a boat, and as someone who cares for the sea, who uses its resources and wants to contribute to its protection, I wish to participate in the European Blue Flag Campaign, aimed at vessels and ports, its objectives which I am familiar with and which I share. I therefore affirm my commitment by signing the following personal agreement:

I will strive to comply with maritime law, to act responsibly, without causing damage to marine ecosystems and the rights of other users of the sea. I will respect and promote the Blue Flag code of conduct at sea.

  1. I will use radio and navigation instruments prudently, not risking the safety of other people and/or boats; providing warning, in the case of floating objects or other dangers and willingly exercising the duty of providing help in the sea.

  2. I will try to find out about the location and characteristics of sensitive areas and places of scientific importance, as well as nature reserves and protected ecosystems, in order to avoid causing any accidental damage.

  3. I will actively defend the conservation of sea life. I will respect protected areas, marine mammals and other protected species and I will not disturb areas of nesting birds. I will not use prohibited fishing tackle, I will respect closed periods and I will not catch or consume young or immature fish.

  4. I will not damage the seabed by anchoring in sensitive areas where this may interfere with the activities or equipment of fishermen. I will respect the guidelines regarding scuba diving and underwater fishing.

  5. I will not purchase or use objects made from protected species (coral, shells, etc.) or from underwater archaeological sites, the origin or legality of which cannot be proven.

  6. I will keep the sea, the beach and the port clean:- Without throwing any plastic material or any other type of rubbish into the sea or onto the beach - Nor will I pour or allow the spillage of any other noxious or toxic substance into the sea. - I will promote and use the selective collection/recycling of solid waste at the port.

  7. I will use, whenever possible, products that are not harmful for the environment (paints, varnish, anti-fouling, detergents, etc.).I will dispose of left-over paint, varnish and oil from the ship in appropriate containers provided by the port for polluting waste, favouring its recycling or special treatment, differentiated from other rubbish or sewage. I will use the port facilities for the extraction of bilge water and, when necessary, the disposal of black water (sewage).

  8. Any attack on marine legislation of which I become aware, in particular, accidents and pollution by hydrocarbons or other chemicals from land-based sources or the use of illegal fishing gear, I will report to the competent authorities.

  9. I will contribute to environmentally responsible management of the port where I berth, whether regularly or occasionally, in accordance with the Blue Flag criteria, complying with coastal and environmental legislation, saving water and energy, selective waste collection, information, environmental education and training of technical staff and users of the port, implementation of environmental management systems, etc.

  10. I will try to ensure that my behaviour in everyday life, at home and at work is responsible both environmentally and regarding the sea, and I will promote or participate in social or institutional initiatives that promote research, conservation and/or sustainable development of the coast.

Flying this Blue Flag on a boat demonstrates that its skipper behaves as a defender of sea life and encourages good environmental practices on board, in the port and towards other users.