Code of conduct

Good environmental behaviour for users of Club Vela Blanes

Apart from what the Club can achieve in terms of environmental issues, it is essential that all users and visitors participate in the initiative and commit to following these guidelines on environmental behaviour:

Water consumption

  • Connect the hose and turn off the tap before you disconnect it.

  • Don't leave the taps on while washing the deck.

  • Use interrupted jet diffusers.

  • When you use the Club toilets, moderate your water consumption and make sure that the taps and showers are turned off after use.

  • Please notify the marina staff if you detect a leak.

  • Do not waste freshwater, water is a scarce resource.

Consumption and use of electricity

  • First connect the cable to the boat's socket and then to the service tower socket.

  • Make sure that the plug does not fall into the water as the presence of salt is a potential danger.

  • Notify the Marina staff member on duty if you detect any problem with their operation. Do not tamper with the supply towers.

  • Once you have charged the batteries of your boat, disconnect the plug from the service tower and then the plug from the boat

  • After using the electrical power connection, make sure that the cover of the tower socket is closed.

  • Rationalise the use of lighting in your boat, preferably using low consumption bulbs.

Discharges and wastewater

  • Empty the grey water, black water and bilge water in the Club's Suction Station, located at the fuel service station.

  • Use the Club toilets rather than those on the boat.

  • Avoid throwing any guts and remains from fishing and any other organic material into the waters of the Marina.

  • If you wash the boat, please use only biodegradable products.

  • Do not transfer or handle fuels or oils or carry out any other operations that could lead to spillages in the waters of the marina.

  • Periodically check the motors, accumulators and bilges, in order to detect any possible leaks.

  • Notify a marina staff member if you detect any accidental spillage.


  • Separate the waste generated and deposit it in the containers according to the uses assigned to it (organic, paper, glass, packaging and general rubbish), please do not leave residues that are not allowable for each case.

  • Deposit special waste (oils, batteries, left over paint, fluorescent tubes, or other items) at the "punt blau" recycling point. Please do not deposit this waste in the bins distributed around the Club.

  • Do not pour away any substance or liquid or aqueous waste on the premises (oils, greases, etc.).

  • Do not leave out-of-date flares in the bins, or at the "punt blau" blue recycling point of the marina.

  • Do not abandon waste of any kind in any part of the Club.

Fuel loading

  • Check that the fuel supplied corresponds to the fuel you requested.

  • Make sure that the amount requested is right for the capacity of the tank. Avoid spillage of fuel into the water.

  • Notify the staff of the station if you detect any accidental spillage and ask for absorbent material if you think it necessary.

Atmospheric emissions

  • Comply with the speed limits established on the marina site, for both wheeled vehicles and boats.

  • Try not to leave engines running on the premises in situations that are not essential.

  • Keep engines in good condition for good combustion, and avoid polluting the atmosphere


  • Any party or other activity that creates noise requires the permission of the Club Management.

  • Do not keep engines running with the ship moored in the quay or pontoon.

  • Don't leave halyards loose so that they can hit the mast.


  • Respect the flora and fauna of the shore and coastline. These are the greatest gift we have for sailing.

  • Avoid dropping anchor on the underwater meadows of Posidonia.

  • Don't throw rubbish, organic remains, oils, paints, solvents or any other solid or liquid residue into the sea, not even cigarette ends.

  • Avoid spillage of fuel into the water.

  • Avoid noise and excessive speed while sailing.

  • Respect the silence of nature and others' need for rest.

  • Sail, enjoy the sea, nature and your boat.