Club de Vela Blanes, founded in 1943 by a small group of friends (CAU), "fans of sea related activities", is located on the eastern side of the bay of Blanes. Its dock within the Port of Blanes makes it a strategic and privileged location on the Costa Brava. As a Turisme Esportiu destination, a title awarded by the Catalan government in the area of sailing, it has organised top sporting events in the categories of cruise and light sailing, and its own Escola de Vela (sailing school) recognised by the RFEV and the FCV, has been running courses since 1992.

This year, after renewing the concession, it continues with the spirit of that group of friends who under the name of CAU, shared their love of the sea and sailing. With the first decade of the 21st century now finished, the Club faces the immediate future with new facilities that will soon be a reference point throughout the country in terms of both sport and social matters. And it does so with everyone in its thoughts, including members, people who want to take part in this new project, and all those newcomers who, directly or indirectly, will become part of the Club’s family.

With more than 70 years of history the Club has been a spearhead in the promotion and strengthening of sailing in the educational field with the creation of the first Sailing Institute of Catalonia (INS Serrallarga de Vela), and the signing of various agreements with education to take sailing to the classroom. The new facilities will provide further evidence of this approach, as has been the creation of a maritime history research award (Es Niell) or the participation with other sports and cultural organisations of the town. The Club has strengthened its involvement in enabling people with disabilities to take part in nautical sports (CE El Vilar-Aspronis), and finally, it has reinforced its own commitment to environmental issues, resulting in the attainment of various quality certifications (EMAS, ISO 14001-IQNET, ISO 9001) together with the Blue Flag (until the beginning of building work).

All of this can be found on this new, dynamic and accessible website which we hope you will like. A website that, along with the book, which was edited for the Club’s 65th anniversary, the newsletters and its appearance in the world of social networks (Facebook and Twitter) make our friends’ Club, a modern club of the 21st century.

Welcome to Club de Vela de Blanes.


Amadeu Nualart Felip
President of Club Vela Blanes