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2014 Raceboard World Championship

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Ivan Pastor and Vita Matise Raceboard World Champions in Blanes

Blanes,September 27, 2014.- Ivan Pastor was proclaimed world champion Raceboard dispute after the last two races of the world held in the waters of CVBlanes With them the world, where the championship leader Ivan Pastor, it was played allover two cards, after the break yesterdaythe boom of your table and the consequent abandonment in full race close.

It has certainly been a difficult day for...

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Joanna Sterling come into dispute by the podium

With a Second and a first place in two races today, the australian sailor will be at podium.

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The giant paella

The giant paella and the music made ​​the sailors enjoyed the central social event of the World Championship in Camping Bella Terra

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Nice East Wind

Blanes, September, 24th 2014.-The second competition day has been prized by a generous east wind which allowed sailors to fly on the water. They have been sailing with east wind gusting to 110 °, with an initial pressure of 8 knots that has been increasing up to 16 knots at the end of the day.

Blanes 24 de Setembre de 2014.- La segona jornada de competició s'ha caractizat per un generós...

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Maksymilian Wojcik vs Ivan Pastor

Blanes, September 24, 2014.- After two days of racing has completed the qualifying round of the two groups (52 sailors each) in which the male was distributed fleet. Tomorrow testing where 52 gold top form group, and the remaining 52 were grouped in the silver group will begin. In the women, the absence of group classification follows the normal development of the race.

With the seven tests...

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Waiting for the wind

Blanes 23 september 2014.- Ivan Pastor, which has classified Spanish team to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, fresh from Santander, wants to debut in Blanes. The sailor from Alicante is surprised by the large number of sailors from around the world come to the World Championship organized by the Club de Vela Blanes.


Blanes 23 de setembre de 2014.- 


Més de 100...

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Good start of the favorites to get the championship

Blanes, September 23, 2014.- Today has begun testing Raceboard World Chanpionship organized by the Club Vela Blanes. After the opening day yesterday, the 124 sailors have opened the championship with the running of three races in the race course.

A difficult day, as the day got up very cloudy, and it seemed that the wind would not come. But 14 pm a streak gave southerly wind that lasted until...

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Blanes and the Sailing Club in the focus of world attention windsurfing

Amadeu Nualart (President of Club de Vela Blanes):"We could not miss the opportunity to organize a World Championship in our Club. We have always been committed to promoting the sport of sailing".

Joaquin Torrecillas (Consell Comarcal La Selva):"I appreciate the work of the Secretary of Class (Luis Camacho) and Sports Director Club Vela Blanes (Juanmi Aguirre) who have made ​​this...

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Less than 24 hours

Blanes, 21 september 2014.- Less than 24 hours to the start of the World Championship and the sailors prepared their equipment.
Tomorrow the competition will begin with the measurement of the tables, sails and registration of participants.
In the afternoon, at 18:00 hours, the championship will begin with the opening ceremony.

Blanes, 21 setembre de 2014.-Menys de 24 hores per iniciar el...

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Tot a punt per la gran cita mundialista dels surfers

Blanes, 16 de setembre.- Tot a punt per a la inauguració el proper 22 de setembre a les 18 hores del Mundial de Raceboard 2014. Mes de cent regatistes es donaran cita en aquest esdeveniment que organitzat pel Club de Vela Blanes comptarà amb la presencia dels millors regatistes del món del windsurf provinents de 16 països d'arreu del món.

Durant el Mundial es portaran a terme diferents...

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